KLM 2000 Generator

Part No: Q41MW-B6

Specification: 4000 Watts, 50 HP, 2 Poles, 150 AMP, 100 Volts, Two Phase, Auto Shutdown: Yes, warranty: 12 month product warranty.

CD4000 Diesel Generator

Part No: M75QT-G77

Specification: 3000 Watts, 40 HP, 2 Poles, 100 AMP, 150 Volts, Two Phase, Auto Shutdown: Yes, warranty: 12 month product warranty.

MCD 3500 Diesel Powered Generator

Part No: GM45T-J35

Specification: Diesel Fuel Type, 3500 Watts, 45 HP, 2 Poles, 150 AMP, 150 Volts, Auto Shutdown: Yes, 4-cycle liquid cooled, warranty 1 year.

REX Garden Water Pump

Part No: MKH-5980

Specifications: 120V 60hz 1000W 1.5HP Two-Pole induction motor, Max Pump Rate 1210 GPH, Max Head: 148 ft , Max suction height: 23ft , aprox max output psi 80.

MWX High Flow Irrigation Water Pump

Part No: WP4294-P51

Specifications: Watt: 1200W, Max Flow Rate: 1000 Gallon Per Hour, Max Lift: 150 Feet, Max Suction Height: 26 feet, Dia. of pipe: 1", length of cable: 4 feet.

CMJ250 motor pump

Part No: MP439-M65

Specifications: Pump Watts: 350-750W, Voltage: 220V AC, Max Lift: 180 Feet, warranty: 12 month product warranty.

TRM500 turbine motors

Part No: T5540-M59

Specifications: Power: 4kW~180KW, Quality Bearings (SKF, FAG, NTN), Standard with thermal protection 1 set of 3xPTC 150°C, IEC frame sizes 122~280, class F/B, IP55.

ZCR 400 Motor Pump

Part No: W543Y-R3

Specifications: 4500 Speed (RPM), Self-Priming, Filler seal, 56 1/2(ft.) Discharge, 7.2 Amps, 32(GPM) Flow. Warranty: 12 month product warranty

XELOX-SOLAR 1000W 24Volts Solar Kits

Part No: S947R-S65

Specifications: Power inverter with built in solar charge controller, Battery bank, Polycrystaline pv solar panels, Power coated steel battery cabinet, DC cables and connectors.